Jimmy Bryant’s Entertainment

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We are a mobile DJ service, providing musical entertainment for Weddings & Receptions, Anniversary Parties, Birthday Parties and all other types of events. We also provide vocal and/or piano performance. We’ve been in business well over 30 years and pride ourselves on being great at what we do. Other services include karaoke and vocal & piano lessons.
We started out playing piano bar and evolved into mobile DJ services. We began the first karaoke show in Redding at the Red Lion in 1991 We added vocal and piano lessons around the same time as the karaoke. Some of our students have gone on to land recording contracts. One student performed on Broadway in the musical Cats.
Jimmy Bryant – Owner, DJ and Instructor
Jimmy has been teaching voice and piano for just about as long has he can remember! Shortly after leaving Chico State University as a music theory major, Jimmy came back to Redding to begin his career in the music/entertainment business. He and his wife, Debbie would sing Piano Bar before the days when karaoke came out. Because Redding was such a small town back then, the Bryant’s decided to move to Southern California to pursue their careers. Though they had made quite a name for themselves in Palm Springs, they had a young son and thought that Redding would be a better place to raise a family so back they came! Jimmy decided to open his own business, and that is how Jimmy Bryant’s Entertainment was born! The thought was that diversity was a good thing; so Jimmy offered piano lessons, vocal lessons and DJ services for weddings and other special events. Once karaoke hit the scene, Jimmy was the first in Redding to try it out. Back then karaoke was played on tape with no lyrics but soon laser disc was born and karaoke could be played with lyrics on a TV screen. As a DJ for any special event (especially your wedding day), Jimmy is the one! He is known for creating such a good time, that your guests won’t want to leave!
Debbie Bryant – Vocalist Extraordinaire, and Office Manager
Jimmy’s lovely bride, is the one that keeps it all together for everyone at Jimmy Bryant’s. She does all the booking and paperwork, without her we’d all be lost! But besides that, she has the most beautiful singing voice! So for those events where you want that special song performed live…Ask for Debbie!
DJ Lisah – Assistant Manager/Techie and DJ/KJ
Lisah has been with Jimmy Bryant since 1999. She not only is a wonderful energetic DJ, she supports the business with her computer knowledge and other important contributions. Jimmy calls her “The Karaoke Queen” , since she ran the show at the Red Lion for over 13 years. As a DJ, Lisah is often requested for special events due to her ability to get a party started and keep it going!
DJ/KJ Jenn
Jenn has worked for Jimmy Bryant’s Entertainment since 2008. She has a vast knowledge of today’s music as well as yesterdays. She is also a wonderful vocalist and is great at karaoke shows!

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