Jennifer Stottle Taylor

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Jennifer’s work is far from ordinary. Her unique way of using a brush and knife are revealed in the brushstrokes of each piece. What she tries to accomplish in each piece is to define its unique “feeling” with the setting. Was it windy? Was there a crowd? Was there silence? What was the mood of the artist, as well as the mood of the subject matter? So many thoughts, and yet so many moments of meditation. Jennifer uses a large brush to lay in initial color patterns, then switches to a knife, and smaller brush, and maybe other tools at hand, even fingers, to move paint around where she wants to soften a line or harden one. It is a fearless method of painting, as she makes quick decisions with her tools. She is also a teacher, and studies how the brain works in the creative process. She is constantly challenging her students to learn more, as well as herself, and do quick studies from life. Her method of teaching really causes the brain and hands to work together, creating subliminal memory messages. Several years ago, she inherited a book by Richard Whitney titled, “Painting the Visual Impression”. It changed the way she thought and painted. Now she includes that book in all of her workshops, along with her daily exercises and positive reinforcements, as well as her gift of inspiration. Jennifer travels the world to new places to find new inspiration and material to keep her creativity active. She has been published and recognized in magazines in Italy, France, and the United States. She constantly studies other works of art, and challenges her own skills. Some of her mentors include Daniel Greene, Casey Baugh, Quang Ho, Dennis Perrin, Scott Christensen, Hollis Dunlap, Mary Garrish and Dawn Whitelaw. There are many others she contributes her success to including her art students who push her into unknown territories with their desire to learn. Her main goal is to put a magical piece of beautiful artwork in your hands that you will cherish for this life, and others in future lives. This pursuit is a constant goal and she says “A path with no end.” So, the adventure begins.

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