Jenn Repp

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I’m a coffee-addicted, dog-loving Seattle girl with a passion for telling stories with photos. My career journey began with a degree in journalism, continued on to art school, took a side trip to Europe, and landed me here in the Northwest, where I’ve spent the last 10 years working full-time as a wedding and lifestyle photographer. My personal style is very much a product of my experience: I believe in capturing real moments, and I want my work to exist at the place where classical beauty and modern design intersect. When I’m not behind the lens, you’re likely to find me either traipsing around the outdoors with my wonderful support team (my amazing husband and our dog Olly), or curled up on the couch, sazerac in hand, watching Arrested Development reruns on Netflix.
I love photography because I love people. I think we’re all at our most beautiful when we forget there’s a camera watching us and just romp around the world being the happy, goofy, caring, vulnerable, perfectly-imperfect creatures that we are. I would describe my approach to my work as serious with a side order of belly laughs. You’re trusting me to turn intimate moments into family heirlooms, so if I have to tell a dozen terrible jokes to get a real smile out of you, you better believe I will. I want these pictures to be a record not only of a time and place, but of a unique connection between people who love each other. I take a journalistic approach to my work, and that means leaving room for life to happen between the posed pictures. I promise we’ll capture some beautiful arranged shots, but I’m not just a “sit-and-smile” photographer. Expect me to walk, talk, joke and play with you and to keep the shutter firing through all of it… even the tears and tantrums! My goal is to find those candid moments when you reveal who you really are, so that when you look back at these photos, you’ll remember the sites, sounds and emotions of that day, not that my camera was capturing them.

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