Jean Reece Wilkey

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I paint stuff. Mostly in oil. I like to combine objects and elements from nature in ways that you might not normally expect. I think of it as constructed realism, and I paint it mainly from observation. This blog is where I share my work, my art process, posts on the artist’s life and about what’s happening in the studio. I sometimes review shows or post about other artists. I’ve made art for as long as I can remember using whatever was available. I was born in the United States and after an uneventful childhood, I got a degree in commercial art thinking I’d go on to study painting — but left to see the world instead. I painted and showed my work wherever I went and after traveling to more than a dozen countries and living for years in Honduras, Costa Rica and Israel, I returned to the United States and got a Master of fine arts degree in painting. I now live in southern New Mexico with my husband and two dogs, Simon and Schuster, and our turtles. Yes, we have turtles. Lots of them – maybe 25, we’re not really sure. They came with the house and mostly eat and sleep and well, you know, make more turtles. I spend my time watching them, walking the dogs, drinking coffee and making paintings. I teach painting and drawing workshops and classes. I also teach at Las Cruces Art Museum and as an adjunct professor at New Mexico State University. I’ve shown work in both in the United States and abroad and my work is in private collections in more than a dozen countries.

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