Elise Wiener

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Elise Wiener couldn’t block her creativity if she tried. Elise began her journey as a musician several years ago. After decades as a visual artist who has created beautiful pottery, textiles, and handmade books and worked as a successful creative entrepreneur, she has turned her sights on music. Over the last couple years, she has translated her love of art from sculpting and design to songwriting and performing. Throughout her journey of writing and recording her first independently released self-titled album, she has worked with notable producers such as Mark Roos, Peter Bliss, and Takeshi Asai. Elise looks forward to sharing her trilogy of singles set to release Summer 2018—her new music is lighthearted yet profoundly moving. Her lyrics and melodies dig deep for the feelings, stories, and characters that inhabit us all. Original sound and honesty color a personal voice that paints a picture of her “Hero’s Journey” through life. Her mission, as she continues, is to inspire and bring others to a higher place of self-actualization. “My “Hero’s Journey” has been a battle of creative dragons;” Elise explains. “Different parts of me developed with each medium I have explored over the years. Where most people choose a career that defines them most of their life, my ideas beckoned me on a journey, and I followed. The trail of art I created along the way are trappings of selves of me that led to other pieces I hadn’t known existed. Each medium was a challenge to master. I struggled to find a voice at every turn — each creative stage was a ‘right of passage’ defining who I am today and where I am going in life. “ Elise wishes her work as a recording artist to reflect this authenticity. Much like the artists who inspire her, such as Carole King, Ingrid Michaelson and Beth Hart, Elise’s sound is heartfelt and soulful and her lyrics thought-provoking gems bring you to a place you hadn’t expected. “My music and lyrics come from an emotionally raw place. I take a lot of time and think hard about what I genuinely feel. For me, my approach is to make my art and music narrate this authenticity rather than that it merely sounds good. In this way, my songs are musical maps to the emotional landscape of my mind.” Elise Wiener is a Long Island native, currently residing in New Haven, Connecticut. When she’s not recording or sculpting, Elise can be found hosting dinner parties, spending time with her Siberian Husky, Jax, and creating hand-bound book sculptures — a project of which she hopes to utilize on her upcoming music projects.

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