DB Estate Jewelry

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DB Estate JewelryDB Estate Jewelry & More offer custom one of a kind Curios. Custom Jewelry Pieces, Estate Jewelry and Art Gallery featuring local artist Jody Bustillos. D.B. Estate Jewelry & More is a brand-new concept being introduced to the City of Corpus Christi by Denny Bales and Torin Bales. This Father and Son team have created a totally unique store with an emphasis on estate jewelry, unique styling, and custom jewelry designs. We will also feature the amazing art work by local artist Jody Bustillos creating a one of a kind Jewelry Store and Art Gallery the First and Only of its Kind in Corpus Christi.
Salvador Leyva
(Master Jeweler)
Salvador is a lifelong jeweler raised in Mexico. He started in the family jewelry business at the age of six polishing rings and other jewelry. Through many years of experience, Salvador is one of the very top master jewelers in the country. When you wantDB Estate Jewelry something custom made, there is no one better than this very accomplished veteran to the fine jewelry industry. I have been in business in Corpus Christi for the past 36 years and Salvador has been doing my work this entire time.
Jody Bustillos
Jody is our artist with his art gallery on display throughout our store. Jody pays very close attention to detail and is excellent at drawing/painting anything from dogs, cats, cars, boats, people, seashores, landscapes, sunsets, and or whatever else you have photos of that you want turned into portraits.
If you enjoy looking a great looking pieces of art, you’ll love looking at close to 50 Portraits shown throughout the store along with more than 100 prints of small and DB Estate Jewelrymedium size. All of which are available for sale.
The quality of Jody’s work is second to none and his close attention to detail is nothing but impressive. If you appreciate fine jewelry and fine art, your stop here in The Village shopping center will will be both fun and rewarding for you. Jody and the rest of our staff are looking forward to saying hello!

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