Christopher Robin Blum

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Born in Santa Monica California, Christopher Robin Blum was raised first in Israel before returning to California with his family to spend his adolescent years in Venice beach. He was exposed to many different artistic mediums, but never found anything that spoke to him. At 17 years old, he joined the Army and was stationed overseas. During this time he was diagnosed with Eosinophilic Granuloma, a rare Auto immune Disease where a person’s immune system mistakes parts of their own body for an infection. He spent 8 months in and out of Army hospitals in Germany, eventually losing the majority of one lung. After being in remission for several years, the condition returned, this time damaging a small portion of his brain. Thankfully, he is once again in remission.
Using his GI Bill he went back to school and discovered a love of photography. Specifically the combination of Traditional Black and white fine art imagery with Digital darkroom tools. Unable to be around darkroom chemicals due to his health, the digital darkroom changed his world. With these tools he is able to create the images he sees in his minds eye, finally realizing his artistic vision.
Over the years Christopher Robin Blum has shown his work in both solo and group shows, that include the California Museum of Photography, the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art and the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art. His work has been published in several prominent internationally circulated fine art magazines such as Black and white magazine where he won merit awards both in the 2009 and 2010 Single image portfolio issues, and Color magazine in 2010 where he won two additional merit awards in the still life and extreme color categories.
Christopher intends to continue creating art for as long as he is able. Having finally found his medium, the creation of new and unique images keeps him moving forward both spiritually and artistically.

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