Chris Clark

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Chris Clark started her career as a professional singer at 13, and by the age of 16 was on the road singing at clubs. Born in 1946 and an Air Force brat, Clark had little exposure to black music or culture, despite traveling extensively with her family. The songs she sang were “white” songs, although she had a blues edge to her style. All that changed when she heard the new sound from a new record company that had burst on the scene and was destined to change and define American music: Motown. After informing her agent that she would not go on another audition until she had the chance to audition for Berry Gordy, Clark eventually became one of the few white artists at Motown.
Berry Gordy recognized the enormous talent in Chris and became her mentor and teacher. She soon went far beyond singing, composing music for herself and others, writing special material, editing video and taking up photography (eventually chronicling more than 16 years of Motown history).
Working with Berry Gordy to move Motown into film as well as music, Clark received an Academy Award® nomination in 1972 for co-writing the screenplay for Lady Sings the Blues. She went on to become Motown Production VP of Creative Control. Today Chris lives in Northern California, concentrating on her art. She is constantly trying new techniques, attracting even larger numbers of favorable reviews and dedicated collectors with her mixed media art. These pieces from the ‘Motown Legends Collection’ were created between 2005 – 2010.

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