Blake Van Vleck

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Blake was born in Independence, MO May of 1988. He grew up in Odessa, MO and currently resides in Kansas City, MO. He started showing interest in art at a very young age with pencil drawings and furthering to specialize in portrait charcoals. In December of 2011 he received paints and canvas as a gift. He honestly had zero intentions of using these materials. He fought depression for many years in his life, thinking very little of himself or his life, until a very popular song “Stronger” debuted. He dusted off the paint and canvas with head phones in set on repeat and put every bit of emotion into his beginning to a new view on life. Painting saved his life that day, and has been “throwing” paint ever since. He does an assortment of mixed medias using acrylics and spray paint and has recently started street art spray painting of space and cityscapes.

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