Alex Voz

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Alex Voz has been putting on breathtaking performances for eighteen years and has dazzled millions of people around the world. A dedicated sleight-of-hand and mentalist magician, Alex not only has the best acts, but he also knows how to connect with the audience and get people to warm up to his presence. Alex has also gained an amazing reputation as an illusionist and has captivated audiences of up to 2,000 people, giving them a new and unique experience each time. Even if someone is skeptical about these types of acts, they will be mystified after Alex concludes his show. He possesses a unique talent which is loved by all audience members around the globe. Alex has shocked and captivated people on an international level – in Czech Republic, Germany, Spain and even Israel. He will be performing soon in Belarus, Moscow, and St. Petersburg, reaching even more people and showing them what mentalism is all about. Alex started with kids shows but he performs primarily at corporate events and private parties alike. He is also a trade show expert, building crowds around booths and reeling in prospects that eventually turn into clients. The talented mentalist has even been seen on the auditioning stage of America’s Got Talent. With Alex, you always get a mind blowing show that leaves you with hundreds of unanswered questions. Alex has amazed audience members by interacting with them up close and personal, taking their belongings and manipulating them in ways that are beyond explanation. The audience has a close look at Alex while he is performing and get to watch as objects levitate, wrist-watches stop and then start again, and things disappear and then reappear. It is no surprise when the entire audience is stunned into silence. Alex is a truly dedicated, fun and magnificent performer. Hire him today for an unforgettable experience, which will leave you and your guests pondering upon for years to come!

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