Potters Studio

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Potters StudioOur goal is to provide unique quality products. Starting with a long history of designs created by Hazel Olsen and continuing with a new evolving product line, originating from Kimberly and Randy Olsen, Potters Studio is actively engaged in bringing products to markets. Whether wind chimes, bird feeders, fish & sun wall hangings or clay masks, we strive to deliver high fire clay-works that exceed our customer’s expectations. Potters Studio was established in Fresno, California in 1970 by Hazel Olsen. Hazel is one of Fresno’s best-loved potters. Not only is she a wonderful talent with the medium, she is also a respected teacher with a commitment to Fresno’s artistic community and the community at large.
It was this commitment, and the desire to share the love of craft and extend anPotters Studio opportunity to participate in it that led Hazel to open Potters Studio in 1970. The studio’s original focus was to provide classes in clay work, supplies and equipment to local artists, potters and schools. Additionally, the studio provided space, networking, and a venue for display and sales for unknown and developing artists. Since that time, hundreds of students have learned the joy and discipline of working with clay. Many local artists and teachers have found it a place to extend their own abilities by taking workshops from visiting artists brought to Fresno by Potters Studio. The studio also serves as an exciting network center for local ceramic artists.

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