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MickieMickie is a professionally trained freelance make-up artist who studied in Los Angeles. She is privileged to learn celebrity make-up tips and tricks from many renowned make-up artists in the movie industry. Mickie has been specially trained in all types of make-up applications, from on-camera to in-person. She uses the highest quality HD (high definition) make-up available. It’s nothing less than movie star quality (Mickie’s foundation make-up alone cost $400) it’s designed and formulated to produce flawless photography but also looks amazing in person. She holds three make-up certificates and is established as an accomplished artist among her peers. Mickie is constantly researching and learning about the latest trends in make-up. She sincerely loves what she does and it is very apparent to her clients.Mickie
M by Mickie is honored to be on the Yosemite National Park’s distinguished list of vendors. As a local resident to the Yosemite area we have provided on-location make-up and hair services for weddings at all of the major Yosemite hotels, including many other fine establishments throughout California. Your wedding day will be the most photographed day of your life. Your face and your make-up should be just as important as your wedding gown. Pictures last a lifetime, impressions last forever. On your big day all eyes are going to be on you. It’s the first time your husband will see you so why not look like you at your most beautiful? With the unique on-location services that we provide, all you need to do is sit Mickieback and enjoy being pampered and beautified. It’s the perfect occasion to book a professional make-up artist. We look forward to complimenting your special day.
The trial session is a day created for the bride to meet the make-up artist. It takes place prior to the wedding day. This special one-on-one attention allows the bride and artist to together design and create an original make-up and hair style look. It’s a perfect time for the bride to test out different make-up and hair looks that she has been considering. It’s also a time to lock in her perfect look for the wedding. So come the big day she will feel confident and know exactly what to expect. To express my love for beauty, by enhancing the art of make-up in a unique way that is pleasing to the Lord and ignites a glow of confidence within all women.

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