Lisa Lee

Lisa LeeLisa’s gentle folk-style originals are infused with layers of meaning, beautiful metaphors to Mother Nature, and the empathy of hard-earned wisdom. Her sweeping 3 octave range is pure and clear and “Salve to the Soul”. Lisa’s voice is a mixture of power and tenderness that captivates her listeners. She exhibits a “oneness” with the music she performs. Lisa performs and composes with an Autoharp. She is self-taught so her technique is uniquely stylized. The mellow, full-bodied sound of Lisa’s voice blending with the 36 string Autoharp combine to create an intimate aura which soothes, uplifts and renews your spirit.
Oregon Born Music represents Lisa Lee, a singer/songwriter who has faced adversity and prevailed. A mother of two and a single parent for 18 years she placed survival above her creative spirit. Although she worked full time, in addition to parenting, she was a host parent to visiting Japanese students. She also attended graduate school full time, receiving two Masters degrees. She produced her first recording “Journeys” as a tape in 1994. In the spring of 1996 Lisa produced her first CD “Phoenix Rising” which is available at She has since re-mastered “Journeys” and it is now available on CD.
Then in 1996 she was in a head-on collision. Her injuries were not properly identified until over a year later. A burst disc in her neck was removed and replaced by a bone spacer. She endured two surgeries to her left shoulder. Lisa also had a traumatic brain injury (TBI) which has caused vision problems and issues with fatigue. She deals with chronic pain in her neck and shoulders and sometimes experiences muscle weakness in her left side. This has all limited her ability to perform regular gigs, but she keeps trying!
“Since I have been unable to work a regular job I’ve struggled to come up with ways to create income. As I improve my health I am increasing the gigs I can play. I play for weddings and festivals whenever possible. And I continue to write music. In addition toLisa Lee music I have written “Mystery of the Jaguar Moon, a Novel Curriculum © 2010”, consisting of a novel written as the curriculum, a teacher’s guide and student workbook. I am now rewriting the story into a full-fledged novel as time allows. The original e-book is available at and Amazon among others.”
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