Karen Jaggi

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Karen Jaggi, a Nevada resident, specializes in designing art projects to tie in with literature, science or history lessons. She travels throughout Clark County integrating art into the classrooms for student’s K-12.
Karen’s passion for teaching art is apparent when she presents her students with new creative experiences. “There are no mistakes in art, only opportunities!” She promotes the concept that, with each creative awakening a student has, they will hold that knowledge for the rest of their educational career and tap into the process as a resource for future problem solving, critical thinking and troubleshooting. She has taught Plein Air outdoor painting, sculpture, wirework, sketching, photography, collage, mixed media, plaster mold making, carving, and picture journaling.
She views art as a valuable tool that teaches focus and personal relaxation, as well as mental exploration, self-control and the power of expression. “Art is freeing. There are no mistakes in art when students find themselves in the creative zone.”
Karen believes that children as well as adults are deeply affected by the use of digital devices and that they require a balanced amount of time with pen on paper or preferably paintbrush on canvas. She insists, “nothing takes away high levels of stress better than blending paints on a canvas for a good hour.”
Although Karen is available to teach adults, and has been invited to run team-building sessions, her greatest passion will always be teaching the kids to be expressive and to show them how to paint amazing masterpieces with acrylics. “I love their glowing pride when they hold up their finished paintings. I’ve heard kids tell me so often. I didn’t know I could do this.” She prefers to design paintings around novels or class lessons regarding nature but is open to teaching anything the class or group requests.
The Traveling Art Teacher is based in Las Vegas, NV but Karen’s not afraid of flying! Contact her for a unique and memorable classroom experience.

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