John Gall

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John Gall is a singer-songwriter and accomplished musician from Northeast Ohio, who is as versatile with the instruments he plays as the styles of music he performs. From the classic rock of Tom Petty, CSN, Billy Joel to the modern sounds of Train, Incubus and Uncle Kracker; from Johnny Cash, Willie & Waylon, David Allan Coe to the modern country hits of the Zac Brown Band, Montgomery Gentry and Toby Keith and many one hit wonders and other songs of various genres thrown in the mix. “I’ve never seen someone that can cover so many different artists and fit right into the styles of music that John does” said the owner of one of the venues John plays on a regular basis. In his shows John combines cutting edge vocals with a variety of guitars, keyboard, harmonica, and ukulele and is continually working on adding new instruments as well as tasteful songs to his repertoire. John has also written many original songs and is currently in the process of recording a CD and producing music videos.
John is a “meat and potatoes” kind of musician, “I’m just a regular guy with simple tastes. “In general simple works” says John. “It’s the simple three chord songs and simple melodies that have been some of the biggest hits and that still go over big today”. John believes strongly in the power of music, “ a song is like a time machine”, he says, “it can transport you back in time to when you first heard it; you remember where you were at the time; who you were with; what you felt when you heard it; it can create or bring back emotions of joy… and sometimes sadness”. He also knows firsthand of the healing power in music. “About six years ago I went through one of the toughest periods in my life. I returned to my musical roots, listening to and playing the old songs I grew up with and cut my teeth on; (I felt like the old CSN song says… “she is all that I have left and music is her name”) and through those old songs I experienced a lot of healing and peace. I think most people can relate to that” says John. …“So when you come out to one of my shows, I’m probably going to play something that stirs an emotion, brings back a memory, or at least has you leaving with a smile and saying “that’s just damn good music”. John says the biggest compliment he can get is “not the applause, but watching people tap their feet, move to the beat, sing along, or maybe… even dance”.
From a young age John’s influences came from his parents who both played various instruments; his Grandfather and namesake who was a performer in minstrel shows in the early 1900’s, and who taught himself to play and repair violins late in life; and his uncle Joe “Buck” Goff who in the 70’s and 80’s was one of the most sought after guitar players and teachers in the Lancaster Pennsylvania area. John grew up listening to his Mom’s old 45’s and was influenced by the Rock and Country music of the 60’s and 70’s. As a teenager John could often be found jammin’ on his guitar and harmonica down on Cargo Ave. in Portage Lakes, playing at any party he could, and at euchre night at the Curley’s “there was always more pickin’ than euchre playing going on” says John; “that’s where my foundations were laid, playing with JT, Kenny and the Curley boys”. Playing a duet at the “Ideal” with his banjo and guitar playing buddy Pat Brooks “was also a great experience for a young guy like me” recalls John. He worked as full time Music Director/Worship Leader in a local church for over 16 years where he wrote and arranged music, led the band and choir/singers, wrote and directed special holiday productions and co-authored a vocal training manual. Later he was part of the Blue Monday Band and the Tim Stone Project where he played keyboards, harmonica and backing vocals on their debut CD. He also recorded some of the keyboards on local progressive rock guitarist Rob Metz’ second CD, “Axis Shift”. John has been performing his solo show for the last two years.
John owns and operates a successful Home Improvement business, but is on his way to making music his full time career once again. He currently resides in Munroe Falls, Ohio with his wife Jayne of 27 years, five children (currently all living at home), and a menagerie of pets. Large or small, John is always looking for new opportunities and venues. He is available for his full blown “One Man Band” show, Acoustic performances, receptions and private parties.

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