Jessica Van

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You might be wondering who the other two ladies in this photo are, right? I am part of a team of shooters based in San Diego, Ca. Our team is France Photographers and we believe all things are better when done together: life, business, and everything in between! This is why creating a meaningful connection with you is so important to us. While you’re soaking in every blissful moment, we will be creating artistic photos that tell the story of your wedding day with emotion, true to life color and a slice of style. Lets have a blast creating and preserving your most important memories!
We want to help you prepare for your wedding. From shooting your engagement session to sharing our list of recommended vendors, we want to make sure you feel taken care of and celebrated leading up to the big day. As your details come together we will dive into creating your timeline so we can execute your wedding day plans flawlessly.
We want the experience of your wedding day to be the incredible, once in a lifetime, “Best Day Ever” you’ve always dreamed of. We take what we do seriously, but never ourselves. This means having FUN, helping you to pause and take it all in, and creating opportunities for you to make cherished memories with your favorite people. Facilitating these moments is why we love what we do!
We don’t believe your wedding photography experience is complete without a stunning custom album for you to relive your wedding over and over again. With our lives being lived mostly on our phones, its easy to forget how precious a physical product can be. We want to make you an heirloom that will stand the test of time and be a bridge for you to connect with your future generations.

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