Jacque Babb

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Jacque BabbCalifornia sprouted and Seattle transplanted singer-songwriter Jacque Babb sets their autobiography to music. Telling stories that range from melodic odes to rebel marches to soulful melancholic howls, Babb lays their soul bare in lyric and in voice. With a sound that bends the ear and an energy that resonates, this singer is both a tuneful and memorable memoirist.
Born and raised in Fresno, CA, Babb is the product of a family whose musical roots traverse generations. After studying theatrical performance in college and moving to Los Angeles, Babb succumbed to the familial influence and began honing their own musical skills. They cut their teeth playing at dive bars as the intermission act for amateur comedy open mics, progressing their way toJacque Babb regular gigs on the strip, and reveling in session work in which they recorded harmonies and lead vocals for assorted artists and production companies.
Now an inhabitant of the Pacific Northwest, Babb is working to establish a growing audience for their current EP releases (Part One: The Tangle and Crash, and Part Two: Meaningless Little Things) and is gearing up to record their first LP, intended to be released in late 2017. Their music can be found at http://jacquebabb.com, as can a present listing of upcoming live performances.

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