Fernando Osorio Zumarán

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I do art because it is my natural way of being. Art is a key part of my essence. I can say that art and I are one. By drawing and painting, I am not only creating something, but rather I am becoming the real me. When I am engaged in art there is no difference between “doing” and “being,” they are just one thing. Art is an extension of myself.
My art is a visual reflection of basic elements —line, form, color and sign—and their formal relationships. These elements hold beauty, expressiveness and character by themselves. I aim to call attention to this fact and foster an aesthetic experience in the viewer.
The composition is the most rational part of my creative process. I begin by drawing with pencil or charcoal and focus on line and shape. Then, I transfer the design to the canvas or paper and start applying color. When applying color, there is a shift, I am no longer restrained by structure, instead I rely on emotion and spontaneity.
I find inspiration in fields, leaves, trees, clouds, and sunsets. Some other sources of inspiration are patterns, pavement cracks, traffic lines, signs, and flags. And finally, from another realm, letters, words, geometry and numbers. Lately I have come back to the classic themes: the human figure, still lives, and nature in search of inspiration.
My current work is made out of acrylic, oil pastel, colored pencils, ink, tape, china markers and charcoal. The most frequently used supports are canvas, paper and cardboard.

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