Cristina Acosta

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Cristina AcostaArtist, author, architectural color expert, Cristina Acosta, is a lifelong artist. “Color has been the foundation of my art and a metaphor for the deeper meanings of my life. Born into two cultures, I continually observed the issues around color that cast the tones of my life. As a Latina born in Los Angeles, to a Hispanic and American Indian father and Anglo mother and growing up during the 60’s and 70’s in upscale neighborhoods, the color of my skin was a topic with neighbors, school teachers and others in the predominantly white neighborhoods of that time. I soon learned that my olive skin and dark hair along with my Spanish name positioned me as a Latina, Spanish, Chicana or Mexican-American person depending upon the “viewer’s” perceptions. It was an early lesson in “marketing.”
The colors I wore or the colors my parents argued about when they chose carpets, furniture and paint became decisions that conveyed a deeper meaning beyond hue. ICristina Acosta realized early in life that people see color from different perspectives that deeply intertwine with culture. I was determined to know everything I could about color. Working my way through university as a sign painting artist, I graduated from University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting. I went on to work commercially as a billboard outdoor advertising mural artist (before computers took over the craft) and honed my visual color mixing and figurative painting skills. That job killed my passion for realism and led me to the personal visions that have defined my art for decades.
I taught college painting and drawing classes for 5 years at Central Oregon Community College at night while developing my interior design business during the day. My success in that industry centered on my tile designs which quickly made a national presence when I contracted with Ann Sacks Tile & Stone in 1991. I designed, manufactured and sold my signature line of ceramic art tiles through Ann Sacks Tile & Cristina AcostaStone along with smaller specialty tile stores. Then I sold to big box retailers like Home Depot. My success in the tile world led to licensing my art mages as interior design decor items.
I love books and wanted to share that love with my daughter as well as others. I was fortunate to illustrate a couple of children’s books, and also illustrated and wrote an art instructional book titled, Paint Happy (Northlight Books ©2002,©2004). Throughout my life as an artist, I’ve continued to paint and draw, exhibiting my work in museums and galleries. My art began as a practice confined to an easel and now imbues every aspect of my life. It has led me to walk in beauty throughout my lifetime and continues to teach me the richness of that path.”

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