Code Red

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Code RedCode Red brings a fun-filled show with a great dance mix of classic rock & contemporary country tunes. Our high-energy band is comprised of long-time pro-level musicians from Eugene, Oregon. Variety is the key for this band to have such as wide appeal to so many. With 3 lead vocalists who can all do harmonies, the versatility of our band allows us to cover tunes by artists ranging from Billy Idol to Pat Benatar, from Toby Keith to Judas Priest, from Cheap Trick to Miranda Lambert, and a little bit of everything in between! You don’t want to miss that “can’t stop dancing” feeling with Code Red!
Breana Cahoon
Raised in a tiny town in Western Montana, I loved music as far back as I can remember. My favorite memories include riding along side my mom playing radio DJ and singing toCode Red Shania Twain, Matchbox Twenty, Bryan Adams, The Beatles and Tom Jones. Random, but effective, I believe this started my eclectic taste in many genres of the art of music. I started vocal lessons when I was 11 years old with a heavy influence in country.
I won several competitions at a young age. I was then hungry for more and began vocal lessons in opera, jazz and blues. I moved to Nashville to pursue my dream. After a while I decided to go to the University of Montana to study entertainment management. Music is a big part of my life. Listening performing and sharing the experience!
Greg Montgomery
I’m a high-energy player who refuses to slow down. Code Red is a band that allows for just such energy to thrive. Playing the Eugene music scene has been great, and playing Code Redin Code Red has been a blast. There are so many good players, good clubs, and great audiences. I have met so many new friends!
I have had the privilege of working with and studying under some of the best guitarists in the industry including Joe Satriani, Jimmy Lyons (Eddie Money), Greg Douglass (Steve Miller Band), Marc Bonilla (Keith Emerson), John Chippolina (Quicksilver Messenger Service), and many others. My guitars are pretty road worn, but the Strat is like a Timex…. It takes a licking and keeps on ticking! Look forward to rocking with you!
Mark Nash
I am a bass man, pure & simple. Everything bass. I played tuba in school, then in the Marine Corps Band. Electric bass, acoustic bass in orchestra, bass trombone in swingCode Red bands, bass drum in marching bands…man I would’ve played bass piano if they made such a thing! You won’t see me playing one of these little baby fiddles that screeches & squeals.
If it creates a low frequency bottom that you feel before you hear, that’s where you’ll find me! I grew up with some great friends in L.A. influenced by Black Sabbath, KISS, Dio, Iron Maiden, Van Halen, Deep Purple, Pantera, Devo, The Cars, Motley Crue…the list goes on. Code Red is the best collection of musicians I’ve worked with. Pure ENERGY!
Maynard Hull
I’ve been playing drums since I was ten years of age. High school and concert bands gave way to professional jobs by the time I was fifteen, and I’ve been playing rock and roll Code Redever since. My 35 year musical resume includes popular regional bands such as Crystal Rhythm, What’s Cookin, The Switch, Wasteland Blues, Jerry Kershaw, Rumours, Bad Influence, and The Spence Brothers.
In addition to drums, I also play piano, keyboard, guitar and bass. Add this knowledge of other instruments to my natural feel for music, and my drumming not only provides a solid backbeat, but contributes to the overall expression of each song with just the right touch in the right place at the right time.

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