Catherine Hatfield

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Raised in an outback mining town in Central Queensland, Australia, my life centered around family and the exciting times we were able to travel to the “outside” world. It was through photography of these poignant experiences I realized that creation of memories is made complete through the preservation of these precious moments. Now as a mother of four children, married to a husband who is a Marine officer, my life has taken me through years of travel to all parts of the world, all the while, connecting with a multitude of beautiful people and experiences forever eternalized through the photography I hold so dear. After decades of using photography as the sanctuary for my priceless memories, I have now found San Diego, which is the home I have always had in my heart, and where I have the privilege of capturing the character, connection, and love of the beautiful people of this town, through photography.
I am excited to help you preserve your memories through photography which will be cherished forever. Lets get together and preserve your story. Contact me, today!

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