Bo Schiers

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Bo SchiersBorn and raised in Teton Valley just outside of Jackson Hole, WY, Bo’s first cooking experiences were spent outside over an open fire. Always a sucker for nostalgia, his favorite meal is still a Dutch-oven dinner full of fresh caught fish or free-range game, surrounded by seasonal vegetables plucked straight from the ground and into the pot. Growing up in a mountain town, Bo grew an immense appreciation for nature and everything that it offers, and he brings this respect for fresh, humble food whose quality can stand on its own into everything he cooks today. Bo’s passion for food started early, and just after high school he moved to Portland, OR to attend Le Cordon Bleu Western Culinary Institute. After graduating, wanderlust got the best of him and he used his culinary skills as an excuse to travel all over the Western United States, working in many resort towns, in cuisines from fine dining to mom-and-pop diners, and everything in between.
His travels finally landed him in Salt Lake City, UT, where he finally planted roots (ie.Bo Schiers found a wife who will never leave the city) and from this desire to find permanence and share his love of food with others, Earnest Kitchen was born. Bo brings a diverse array of experience from many notable establishments across the Western United States. With over 15 years’ cooking experience, Bo has held leadership and management roles in the kitchen for over 11 years and brings a unique perspective from his travels. His food is a reflection of all of his experiences, and constantly goes back to highlighting the best that each locale has to offer, because the best food is always found closest to Home.

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