Armchair Nomad

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Armchair Nomad grew up in Las Vegas, NV amongst an endless array of casinos, strip malls and track homes. He was always creative, but it wasn’t until his father gave him a red guitar for Christmas one year that he took to making music. After several years of learning as many Nirvana songs as he could and taking his guitar to school to get the attention of girls, he began gaining an interest in synthesizers, and used the money from his first job to purchase a Korg Poly-800.
Several years later at the insistence of his best friend, he went to his first underground rave. The experience would come to have a lasting effect on him and his music. Within 6 months, and with a generous grant from his friend’s parents, they formed Oddity Productions and began throwing their own underground parties throughout the area. He had also begun performing around Las Vegas under various monikers.
After studying audio engineering and graphic design at the Art Institute, and subsequently taking a few years away from music, he released Terminal III in February, 2016, which was included on an Indie Shuffle downtempo playlist in March. He also had a second track, You’re In My House, created for and played on the award winning No Agenda Show podcast several times by host Adam Curry of MTV fame. In August, he released two new tracks on Mangled Music Collective’s self-titled album; Adagioperator, and Silicon Sundae, which was placed on Blisspop music blog’s Spotify playlist.
Armchair Nomad’s music is electronic but emotional, technical but melodic, and often experimental, but not so much that it becomes inaccessible. He strives to take his listeners through a mental and aural journey, but also recognizes the importance of emotion in his songwriting.

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