Ally Santos

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Imaginary Keys by Ally Santos is a modern approach to piano and ukulele teaching offers lessons for students of all ages and levels. She teaches Piano Adventures, Piano Pronto and Piano Safari method books for beginners. Ally is a member of Music Teachers National Association and Las Vegas Music Association. Ally offered Music for Little Mozart and WunderKeys early childhood music programs for ages 3 – 5 in addition to piano lessons.
In 2005, Ally moved to the United States and continued studying piano under Dr. James McKeever. She attended college at University of Wisconsin – Parkside and in 2011 received her Bachelors degree in Music with emphasis on Piano Pedagogy and Performance. She began her teaching career at Arboretum Music School. Since 2011, she have been teaching piano lessons in Madison, Wisconsin ranging from young kids to adults. Ally is presently residing in Las Vegas, NV.
Ally found her passion in teaching piano and she would love to share her students their musical journey. She helped young children to build self-confidence, fulfill the dream of adults who always eager to learn the piano, and even teach popular songs on the radio. Her goal is to inspire students to love music and to make memories of piano playing a wonderful experience.

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