Alexa Nahas

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Alexa NahasEveryone played the game of Life as a kid. Even though the game is kind of cheesy, there’s something truly joyful about watching all the big and little events unfold in someone’s life – even if that person is a light blue figurine sitting inside a tiny car. For me, those big and little moments are what life is all about (real life, not just the game!). My obsession with life-logging started from the first moment I picked up a camera when I was 7 years old. All of the most amazing moments in life are made even more memorable through the power of a photograph, a memory frozen in time. I love how memories can be captured, collected, and recollected. And that is my goal as your photographer: to capture memories. You live your life, I log it.
Whether it’s a photo session with you and your pets, an engagement photo shoot, yourAlexa Nahas wedding, or even your baby’s very first photographs, I strive to tell your personal, unique story. I like to take a quiet, unobtrusive approach. Think of me as a fly on the wall – you know, if flies could hold cameras – capturing moments as they happen naturally. I will probably cry during your wedding, and I will definitely dance, especially if you play any Bob Seger (hint, hint!). I will laugh with your family, cuddle with your pets, and of course, tell some corny jokes along the way. But most importantly, my goal as a photographer is to showcase your story, and capture the beauty of your relationships, your connections, and your lives for years and generations to come.

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