Nate Utley

Nate UtleyFlorida raised Nate Utley found himself enamored with music at a young age. Only 10-years-old when he picked up a guitar he did what most boys do at that age and tried to emulate the rock stars put before him. He played along to Sublime and the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s tracks, but some years later, around the age of 14, he decided to try a new approach after Jack Johnson’s On and On landed in his hands. Noting that after that album, “I spent hours and hours trying to learn his acoustic guitar riffs and after that trying to sing his lyrics over them. This helped me develop my own songwriting style.” Of course, reality can take one away from their musical endeavors and Nate found himself going off to college after he finished high school. Graduating from Florida State University in 2015 with a BA in Retail Management, he was a world away from his guitar although he didn’t stray too far as he started performing live in 2012. Now almost two years out from getting his degree he has his debut EP, 2017’s Infinite Potential which features his single “What Up” which has gone on to gain major notoriety across the board.

With a combination of his heroes growing up, Nate’s blended style of rock, reggae, r&b and pop have impressed many. Screaming Match Productions noticed that and said, “Nate has a unique ability to seamlessly combine all of his influences into something that feels entirely fresh and unique.” While Exposed Vocals noted of “What Up,” “Some of the riffs used throughout the track are beautifully atmospheric, and the unusual nature of the beat – this slightly industrial, hard hitting rhythm section – definitely makes for something fresh and attention grabbing.” Following no particular format when inspiration strikes to pen a song, Nate says, “I write whatever sounds good to me in that moment and build on it.” Still, a young man he writes about relatable topics such as love (the good and the bad side of it), as well as letting loose at a good party and living a larger than life existence. Still in college when he started performing live in 2012, Nate played local bars and restaurants. Today he’s playing consistently in Florida any and everywhere they will have him. He plans on heading out of state as soon as the opportunity arises as his big plans are to have a world tour. First, though he’s going to focus on the EP, and then get back to work on another project. Throughout his music you’ll hear shredding guitar leads, emotional vocal segments, upbeat rhythms and quick lyrical deliveries. All of these components blend together into a harmonious composition that is best described as Acoustic Rock.

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