Mimi & Shane

Mimi & ShaneMy name is Maria Angeloupoulou. However, my friends have nicknamed me Mimi, which I prefer because I think it’s adorable, simpler and it suits me well. Honestly it doesn’t matter which name you call me, because the reason you are reading this is less about me and more about you, who need a special moment documented. I value the importance of capturing such instants in people’s life, and I feel truly honored and blessed to be part of these moments. From the first look, to the tearful moment when a farther gives his daughter as a bride, or the exchange of rings, these instances are what I love to capture. I am not going to deceive you by saying I’ve been shooting photography since the age of five, or that I grew up always holding a camera in my hand, because it’s just not my story. Though, I will say shooting interesting and beautiful images intrigues me, and always have. Fortunately wedding photography allows me to capture these two things.

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