Meredith Connelly

Meredith ConnellyMeredith Connelly is an emerging American installation and paper artist. Born in Ohio, raised in Wilmington, NC where she received her BA in Studio Art from UNC-Wilmington. Meredith also lived a formative year in Paris. More formative was the work of Eva Hesse found in a library book that drove Meredith to create her first installation. Hesse is her largest influence, butMeredith Connelly Tara Donovan, Dan Flavin and the microscopic world.
Meredith often illuminates her installation work and sometimes employs interactive elements to connect and submerge viewers in her environment. Inspired equally by texture and nature, she works with everyday, manufactured materials and reveals their surprising, innate organic qualities. She remains intrigued by the endless possibilities of paper, and pushes the material to its limits. Her work is the human will bent and melted to meet nature, if not surpass it. Currently, the artist lives and works from her studio in the Lake Norman area of North Carolina.

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