Marvin Lee Allen

Marvin Lee AllenBorn in Detroit, MI to Tanya and Marvin Lee Allen Sr. , Marvin Lee Allen II was raised around music. His mother, a trained opera singer, and his father with and old school RnB sound, raised Marvin Lee to be very diverse in his musical tastes. Marvin was brought up listening to classical masterpieces, old school jazz, blues, and gospel music. Due to the styles of music Marvin was raised around, he was not introduced to pop music, hip hop or RnB until he entered high school. In his early high school years, Marvin developed a love for acting and poetry, along with singing in the schools choir. Excelling in creative writing, he took those skills and began to write songs. He then took private lessons in music composition at the College Conservatory of Music from 2001 to 2003 at the University of Cincinnati from Albanian classical composer Darajus Sparkauskus. Marvin Lee began to gain confidence from his training, performing some of his work on campus at the University of Cincinnati where he was also a defensive back for the Bearcats. He took center stage when he sang our National Anthem at a University of Cincinnati basketball game, receiving several compliments from fans at the football office the next day. Marvin Lee also performed original work at the University of Cincinnati Spring Fest in 2002 where he was an opening act for a popular band, The Roots. Already having a love for contemporary jazz, Japanese New Age, and Rock music, Marvin began to incorporate many of those elements into his own work. His signature sound has been described as a fusion between smooth jazz, soul, RnB, and Pop music. With those genres combined, Marvin Lee writes and produces music that is pleasing to the ear and able to set a range of moods for his listeners. In his song “Sexual,” Marvin blends Japanese and Latin instruments to form a very smooth and unique sound. Those elements, along with clever writing and Marvin’s smooth vocals come together to form Marvin’s style, and signature sound.

Mavin Lee has also pulled together five of the most talented musicians in the state of Michigan, three of which happen to be family memers. Marvin was born fifteen days before and grew up with his saxophonist and cousin Michael Elder. Marvin’s drummer, Marcus Elder, also his cousin, and Michael Elder’s younger brother, joined the band early in the recording phase and is featured on the majority of Marvin’s first album. Marvin’s keyboardist, music director, and cousin by marraige John Jackson, was the first musician to join Marvin’s project in the summer of 2007. John brough two of his friends, bass player Don Clark and lead guitarist Dave Taylor on board to finialize Marvin’s band, which Marvin calls “The Company.” Marvin chose to use “Marvin Lee” as his name to pay homage to one of his favorite singers, Marvin Gaye, and also “Lee” is Chinese for “Poet,” which is what Marvin was before he began writing music. With his self written album titled “This Is My Melody,” Marvin Lee introduces himself to the world.

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