Laurel Hay

Laurel HayLaurel Hay is a Singer-Songwriter born in Wisconsin. Influenced by songwriters and vocalists like Brandi Carlile, Grace Potter, Alison Krauss, and Kate Nash, Laurel began writing songs at the age of 14. Over the years, her songs grew more mature as she did, although she still enjoys being playful in her song writing with songs like “Junk in my Trunk” and “I Think You’re a Dick”. In 2014, Laurel, her father Mark Hay, and her boyfriend Ben Tomandl started an online songwriting group called The Singer/Songwriter Summer Challenge. Initially meant to be a one time thing, the group gained such quick momentum and popularity, that there is now also a Winter Edition annually as well as the original Summer Challenge. The group is based out of a border town between Wisconsin and Minnesota called Somerset, with many of the participants hailing from the Minneapolis area. There is a showcase at the end of each Challenge and notable Minneapolis musicians like Sarah Morris, Tim Houlihan, Tim Cheesbrow, and Andriana Lehr are just a few of the songwriters that have been a part of the group.
Besides running the songwriter challenge, Laurel continues to play out solo, as well as with her duo, known as The Pickled Beats. Laurel’s sound engineer from her upcoming album “Oh, The Places I’d Go”, Eric Blumquist from River Rock Studios describes her music as Folksy, Rocksy, Americana, which tends to describe The Pickled Beats as well. “Oh, The Places I’d Go” will be Laurels first full length album. The album houses the songs mentioned above; “Junk in My Trunk” and “I Think You’re a Dick” as well as 8 other tracks ranging in sounds from Americana, Country, Bluegrass, Acoustic Singer-Songwriter, and it even holds a Reggae track as well. Laurel enjoys writing songs in many different styles but always tends to come back to the middle ground of Americana music. “Oh, The Places I’d Go” was officially be released on December 30th 2016 with a release party at Big Guys BBQ Roadhouse just outside of Stillwater. The album release was a great success with a big party to set the album off to a great start. Other players on Laurel’s album include Ben Tomandl (Acoustic guitar, Electric Guitar, vocal harmonies), Andrew Foreman (Bass), Zachary Schmidt (Drums, B3 Organ), Lars Carlson (Piano), Rebecca Patek (Fiddle), Sharisse Germain (Vocal Harmonies), and Sarah Morris (Vocal Harmonies). Some songs on the album that received radio play include “Lucky”, and “Until the Cows Come Home”, written by Sarah Morris. Laurel is currently playing with her Americana Duo, The Pickled Beats. They are booking out for the 2018 Summer Tour.

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