Katherine Bramlett

Katherine BramlettKatherine Bramlett is adesigner based in Birmingham, Alabama. While in school at Vanderbilt, she focused in on the creative disciplines — falling in love with her History of Art courses & her time in the art studio. During these years, she had the opportunity to intern with several talented interior designers. These experiences solidified her desire to pursue a career in interior design as a melding of her creative mind and entrepreneurial spirit. Following school, she moved to Birmingham to work for Marjorie Johnston & Company. In 2016, Katherine founded her own firm based here in Birmingham. KBD is a full-service residential design firm, with ongoing projects in Birmingham as well as in Tennessee, North Carolina, and on the coast. Katherine believes that “simplicity is beautiful” and applies that idea to the design process. For her, design is about creating & enhancing the spaces where her clients live every day life. She thinks of home as the gathering spot for friends and family to live real life— around the dining table, in front of the fire, on the back porch. With that in mind, she aims to create spaces that are gracious and inviting. Because she is drawn to the simple and fresh, she looks to interpret her client’s personality and lifestyle through the lens of‘simple beauty’ — clean lines, timeless pieces, harmonious proportions. She hopes that her spaces serve only to further enhance the beauty of every day life. Katherine has appeared in Birmingham Home & Garden, Domino Magazine, Style Blueprint, Glitter Guide, and several other national blogs.

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