AdrenalineAdrenaline is a cover/original band based out of Memphis, TN and without a doubt one of the premiere live musical acts in the mid-south. The definition of Adrenaline is “A naturally occurring hormone which elevates heart rate and stimulates the respiratory system.” The band Adrenaline has the same effect on their audience. The Adrenaline show is a rollercoaster ride of classic rock, blues, dance, pop and alternative which is packed with tremendous energy as well as great solo performances. Adrenaline is well established in the local club scene, but when it comes to more formal shows, such as weddings and corporate events, the band always rises to a level of professionalism unsurpassed by any other act. Every member of Adrenaline is a veteran of the casino and theater circuits and well versed in the etiquette required to be in the upper echelons of entertainment.

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