Kory Caudill

Teton Group

When world-class pianist Kory Caudill was just a few years old, his parents were stunned to see him walk to the piano and play the melody to John Williams’ “Theme from Superman” immediately after it aired on television. They knew their child had a gift, and they worked to provide him with every resource available to develop his musical abilities.
At the age of four, Caudill began his involvement with the Kentucky Opry at the Mountain Arts Center in Prestonsburg, Kentucky. As the Kentucky Opry’s popularity grew, Kory had not only become a key member of the organization, but he was the group’s most popular performer. To date, the young pianist has received hundreds of standing ovations for his performances, which have been called “touching” and “inspiring” by thousands of concert goers.
Don’t let Kory’s “aw-shucks” demeanor, jeans, boots, plaid shirt and University of Kentucky ball cap be misleading. Caudill’s musical background is as polished as it is natural. During high school, Caudill was one of eight pianists selected statewide to attend Kentucky’s Governor’s School For the Arts, where he received the school’s top honor. While completing his degree at Belmont University, Kory became the first piano major in the school’s history to perform as one of four artists in the school’s prestigious Commercial Showcase, which touts past performers such as Brad Paisley and Trisha Yearwood. During Caudill’s final semester, he was requested by the school’s president to be the featured performer at the highly acclaimed “President’s Concert.”
Fast forward to 2015, and Kory Caudill has traveled the world and become one of America’s most sought after pianists. His fluency in nearly every genre, as well as his highly acclaimed virtuosity, has given him success in multiple facets of the music industry. Whether it be recording and producing projects for artists, touring with country superstars, or selling out concerts of his own, it has become clear that the Caudill is a force to be reckoned with in today’s music industry.
Kory constantly created his own brand of music, and is now on the verge of a career that looks to bring that music to a worldwide stage. His style is as unique as his abilities, and his knack for connecting with audiences that span every demographic is a sight to behold. His innovative blend of country, rock, jazz, bluegrass and classical music caught the attention of Naxos of America, the #1 independent classical music distributor in the U.S. and Canada. The innovative and forward-thinking organization was highly impressed by Kory,, which led them to sign him as the flagship artist to their new imprint, Suite 28 records. Since the release of his debut album, Tree of Life, the young artist has celebrated groundbreaking achievements as an instrumentalist, including debuting inside Billboard’s top ten Jazz and New Age categories. Recently, Kory has enjoyed topping the iTunes Charts in New Age, Jazz, and Americana genres, as well as directing and starring in a music video that trended in the no.1 spot on CMT.com.
Whether in front of thousands of people under shining lights or in the intimate setting of a local church, Kory’s kind, humble spirit is always present to compliment his amazing talent. When you experience the music of Kory Caudill you will be touched.

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