Kimberly Watt

Hi beautiful brides! My name is Kimberly and I am the owner and head designer of Petal Pixie. I have been a part of the floral industry for over 15 years and a part of the wedding industry exclusively for 7 years. I have loved weddings from the beginning and always find myself extremely grateful that so many brides have chosen to trust me with their special day. My design style is pretty eclectic. I have never shied away from mixing and matching styles, texture, and color. I tend to just go with what feels right. My process is simple. I get to know you! This is why I have a tendency to not commit to a specific style after our first meeting because 9 times out of 10 it shifts throughout the process as I get to know you better. My brides tend to be laid back, genuine, and kind. I have the kindest brides hands down. They love nature and they tend to be simple but complex creatures. They want a beautiful wedding experience for their friends and family.DAS For them it is about creating a beautiful evening where memories can be made. Some interesting facts about myself along with things I love….. I grew up on a farm, spent summers hoeing sugar beets, and helped in harvest every year, I married the man of my dreams and became a mom in the same day, I love animals and my husband calls me Dr. Doolittle. I may talk to all my animals like they can talk back, I love vegan food and trying new recipes, I love dancing, I am obsessed with Tiny Homes, if my husband wasn’t a giant I would totally live in one, I am making the shift to minimalism, I am a little bit of a hippie.

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