Jen Green

Work At home

Jen GreenAll my pieces are custom designed and made to order. You tell me your ideas and I can work with you to produce it within your desired price range. I make everything by hand either directly in metal or carved in wax depending on the chosen design. I have a good eye for detail and a precision that my customers can see and appreciate. I am very proud of my work and stand behind every piece that I create. My first priority is customer satisfaction.

I began my jewelry career as a Fine Arts student at Towson State University in the Baltimore area. I hold two BS degrees- one in English and the other in Fine Art with my emphasis on Jew Jen Greenelry / Metalsmithing. So of course my parents thought they would be supporting me for the rest of my life as a starving artist. However, I was fortunate enough to get started in this business while still in school. I got my first job helping with a small production line of handmade sterling silver jewelry. Shortly after that I began an apprenticeship in a small retail store doing repairs and eventually custom designs of my own. I was glad to have a patient and knowledgeable teacher.

So years later I now have my own shop here in the oldest diamond district in the country… Philadelphia’s Jeweler’s Row. I have made a lot of great friends and colleagues here on “The Street” as they all call it. Wax carvers, gold casters, polishers, engravers, stone cutters, you name it- we’ve got it all here. So even if you think I can’t get something done, just give me a try.

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