Heather Hogan

Operation Smile

My love of art solidified by 3rd grade with a first prize ribbon at the county fair for my masterpiece in glue and chalk – a macaw. I took every art and life science class and lettered in drama. My parents insistence on college won out over life on a communal farm and I earned a BA in studio art, new media (meaning digital arts) from CSU Chico. After a stint in San Diego animating for Starfall, trips to Europe, Thailand, and Burning Man, I settled in Sacramento. I teach illustration and Web design, make websites, and every day – with passion and love – make art. “Wouldn’t it be funny if…” is how most of my projects start. If you have a vivid dream about a pancake doing something that pancakes don’t do – you will think differently about your breakfast. When your perception shifts, it might make you chuckle, or perhaps, reconsider your opinion. Through collage, printmaking, cyanotype, ink and paint, Heather assembles stories and memories to amuse and delight.
“California residents generated a twenty-year average of 10.7 lbs/person/day of disposed materials from 1990 through 2010” (CalRecycle, 2012). Any bit of reuse helps materials stay in circulation slightly longer, tenaciously avoiding the landfill. One of my goals is to reuse and repurpose materials in art, giving them new jobs or meaning. I scour thrift stores to find clean, lightly worn wearables and bags to print on, giving fabrics a second life. I use thrifted clothing scraps in my fabric brooches too. Other thrifted gems I dismantle and use in assemblage. I’m interested in the previous lives of our things and how their history comments on our present lives.

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