Grace Hayes

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Grace Hayes is an independent Nevadan performing artist, actress, singer/songwriter, pianist/ukelelist, spoken word poet & comedian. She specializes in the satirical, exudes eccentricity, and oozes all things obscure. As a young emerging talent, Grace has been featured in several commercials (both local & national), theatrical plays, and concert shows at different venues since 2009. In addition to being afrizzy-headed SAG-AFTRA eligible high school graduate at the age of 16 in 2013, Miss Hayes also released her first album, “Unconventional”, that year on June 24th. It includes seven tracks that she wrote, composed, and sung. Featuring elements of despair, euphoria, operatic and soulful tones, acoustic piano, beatboxing, 8-bit arpeggiation and excessive hand-clapping, Unconventional aims to please and perplex its audience. Today, her unique love for the arts still gets her in trouble.

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