Erica Freestone

Erica FreestoneI’m Erica Freestone, metalsmith and jewelry designer. I create original jewelry that is always handmade with the highest regard to quality and care. I believe jewelry that is handmade is far more meaningful, personal, and must continue to be made. It is much too precious an art form to be lost forever. Handmade jewelry expresses your unique story because you are one of a kind and your jewelry should be, too. It is an honor to be part of those stories. I fell in love with making jewelry in the spring of 2006. On a whim, I signed up for a Metal Arts class while in college out of pure curiosity. Little did I know that as soon as I felt the thrill and nerves of watching solder flow on hot metal, I was hooked. The tools, the precision, the art of it–I loved it all, andErica Freestone to this day that love is unyielding.
After those first classes, I worked for about 6 years as a bench jeweler, repairing, re-sizing, designing, and more. I am honored to say that some of my best designs were produced in large quantities for Robert Redford’s Sundance Catalog, and many of my pieces became top sellers for the company I worked for. During those years I learned a lot about the fundamentals of well-worn and well-loved jewelry, how things Erica Freestonework and don’t work design-wise and mechanically. Most of all, I learned that my desire to make original, one of a kind pieces, made right here in the USA (and not mass produced outside of the country), was the thing that was most important to me. That’s when I quit my ‘day job’ and started working for myself under my own name.
Now, everything I make is proudly made by my own two hands in my studio in Pacific Grove, California. I’ve committed to and continue to build on a sustainable and environmentally responsible business practice, using recycledShubhpuja metals, conflict free stones, and eco-friendly studio practices. Each bezel, each ring shank, jump ring and hammer mark are all done by me in my studio workshop. Often times designs start out as an idea in my head and a quick sketch in my notebook. Most of the time it is the stone that speaks to me, and I build the metal to showcase the stone. I believe handmade pieces have a different feeling than mass produced pieces. There is always a story behind something handmade, and I believe that the love I put into my work continues on in that piece’s life forever. This work is my utmost joy, and knowing it can make others happy, too, compounds that joy tenfold. It is an honor to be part of your story.

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