Chris Sollart

Chris SollartChris Sollart is an award-winning wedding photographer with over 20 years experience. His lifelong passion for photography and keen artistic eye have led him to become the most sought-after wedding photographer in the El Paso area. His greatest joy comes from capturing a couple’s unique love and spirit on their special day. Starting his career as a wedding photographer in New York, he developed a truly unique style blending photojournalism with fine art portraiture techniques. He moved to Seattle and now calls New Mexico home, finding inspiration in the beauty of the area’s wild landscapes and incredible people. Today Chris focuses his work on El Paso wedding photography. He finds weddings to be beautiful, exciting, and emotionally rewarding to capture with his trained eye and lens. His experience working with hundreds of couples over the years allows him to work efficiently and effectively, never missing the most special moments from his clients’ most special days.

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