Beau Tudzarov

Beau TudzarovI have been creating and exhibiting award-winning Digital Art for over a decade now. My career as a working artist spans several media and 25 years, yet here, in an area of the art world still uncharted, I have found a new direction. I introduce my newest works…a deep reflection on our environments, our search for balance, a realization of impermanence,and a determination to be thoughtful. Regard these works with a respect for scarcity and presence. An elevated level of contribution exists within each space, eliminating clutter and focusing on independence. With a conscious focus on transparency and reflection and an emphasis on liquid, light, and movement, I have created work surreal in nature while containing its elements within a familiar landscape. In these compositions,Beau Tudzarov objects and context are not always immediately clear to the viewer. This work is highly complex, both artistically and technically—involving enormous detail, captivating the viewer so he is constantly finding something new and compelling. South Florida based, award-winning Beau Tudzarov, is a prolific working artist. His career spans over 2 decades and his works grace private collections and museums worldwide. Mr. Tudzarov spent the first 15 years of his career as a sculptor, yet has become most widely recognized as a self-taught pioneer in the world of Digital Art. Beau Tudzarov has broken boundaries in Digital Art, using advanced artistic tools to express his unmistakable style. Primarily using 3D applications, Mr. Tudzarov achieves complete artistic freedom… shedding the limitations of traditional media. The resulting works are strikingly surreal and captivating. Works by Beau Tudzarov are sold directly to the collector by the artist and are exhibited by the artist in major markets throughout the United States. Please refer to for an updated list of events.

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