Amanda Danielle Gleason

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Amanda Danielle GleasonAmanda Danielle Gleason was Born on February 19th, 1984 in the city of San Antonio, TX. It was not until the age 16 that she started playing with makeup brushes. Her older brother Dan Michael Gleason and his girlfriend (now wife) give her a set of basic brushes in a makeup set for christmas that year. Her older sister Marisa Gleason was always happy to lend her makeup whenever she wanted to use it. At the age 19 (Jan 2004) she loved to help people look beautiful. She starting her own AVON business. Her love for makeup grew and she took her first class on becoming a Certified Beauty Advisor. Amanda’s love for artistry grow even more when she startedAmanda Danielle Gleason as a freelancer in Sept 2006 for MAC Cosmetics.
She quickly became requested at 5 locations in Texas including 2 stores. In August of 2007 she would move to California and by March 2008 she would pursue her dream and attend E.I. School of Professional Makeup in Hollywood, CA. It was a great inspiration for her and an adventure. In 2012 she was asked to be Lead Makeup Artist for Austin Community College Fashion Photography and be a featured makeup artist for RAW: Natural Born Artists. Over the years Amanda has worked with many great artists, models, photographers, and independent film directors. Amanda plans on continuing to follow her love and passion for art and its many forms.

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