Adrian D. Holmes

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Adrian D. HolmesAdrian D. Holmes was born in Phoenix, Arizona, on November 19, 1996. He spent his early years in the beautiful Grand Canyon State before relocating to Jacksonville, Florida when he was six years old. ? Although Phoenix is the place where Adrian first fell in love with music and travel, Jacksonville is where Adrian had his first piano lesson, first singing lesson, and first introduction to the art of composition. Both cities—separated by 2,000 miles of highway—provided Adrian with the seeds of dreams and inspiration to pursue many great things later in life.Adrian D. Holmes Adrian’s early musical influences were an eclectic bunch including Tchaikovsky, Holst, Joplin, and even Lawrence Welk. By their example, Adrian matured his own flavor of sound heard distinctly in his work. These influences inspired Adrian to launch an ongoing interview series featuring luminaries across the fashion, music, and arts industries. This series serves as a means to pass inspiration forward to others around the world. As a result, many of his guests have endorsed his work, praising his efforts in the creative arts. According to Adrian, the greatest musical advice he ever received was this: Adrian earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Trinity Baptist College in 2015 at the age of eighteen, the youngest graduate in the school’s history. His life verse is this: “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” He continually looks to the future with hope in the projects which will reach countless more people around the globe.

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