Abel Garcia

Condor Cruises

Abel GarciaAbel Garcia, an established Dallas-based artist, draws inspiration from The Bible, hip-hop style, graffiti art, and the high renaissance movement. He successfully blends these differing elements into his own specific style using methods such as screen printing, acrylic painting, oil painting, and graffiti. Abel’s fun energy, talent, and infectious personality have landed him clients like The Dallas Mavericks, FC Dallas, Leadercast, The Dallas Repertoire Ballet, and boxer Austin Trout. You may also see his graphic designs in places like Market Street, Sushi Axiom, LA Fitness and many other facilities.Abel Garcia
Referred to as a “Modern day Degas” by many of his peers, Abel was also voted “Austin’s Visual Artist of the Year” in 2011 by RAW Natural Born Artists. Abel has shown in Dallas, Ft. Worth, Austin, Atlanta, Las Cruces, and New York City. He has been commissioned for hundreds of paintings by clients from all over the globe including the United States and Europe. Abel’s talents include live canvas or mural painting, timed live paintings, “Trick Painting” (starting a piece upside down and flipping it to reveal and image), commissioned canvas and mural paintings, tattoo design, and graphic design. Abel’s passion for what he does is absolutely apparent in all of his works. After all, he did coin the phrase, “Why sleep when you can paint?”

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