Zoe Nadel

Zoe began her art career in a friend’s garage where she opened a tube of watercolor paint and her life changed forever. She took her experience with the North Carolina Council of the Arts when the family moved first to Germantown, then to Memphis, Tennessee. Finding no existing art community Zoe quickly met people equally passionate about art and a need for an art league. In her first year she put on the Germantown Festival with 16 exhibitors; today the event brings in hundreds. A year later, she founded the Germantown Art Association, now The Memphis/Germantown Art League, with a large membership and national show. Working in her home studio daily, the literal world for Zoe is just a reference point. She uses it to observe light, shape and color. In her career as a watercolorist she quickly became an artist member of both state and national watercolor societies, with many awards to her credit.
But a need to push a surface more than watercolor would allow found her moving into acrylics, collage and oils. The move to more flexible mediums allows Zoe to work intuitively, purging the subconscious for imagery. Her shapes and use of color are molded from observation and redefined by the inner eye. Her painting process has a sense of channeling, or of “being in a state of lucid dreaming”. Zoe’s successful career with local galleries placed her work in corporate and private collections. She has served as a judge for local and state adult and children’s art shows, taught art and spent 5 years as a volunteer artist for Theatre Memphis. Today, Zoe sells through her studio and her website in Memphis, Tennessee. Four of her mixed media collages have been licensed by John Richard for reproduction as giclees. They are sold by the company at www.johnrichard.com, and offered on Amazon and Houzz by nation wide furniture companies. Zoe holds both undergraduate and graduate degrees in English/Secondary Education from the University of Pittsburgh. When not in her studio she can be found in her garden, on the golf course, or folk dancing, the other great passions in her life.
She has written, but not published a book titled, My Garden Began With Art. Zoe either takes three steps down from her dressing room, or six steps up from the garage workroom. That’s all it takes to transfer from her life as wife, dancer, golfer to being an artist. In her studio, one side is for oil painting the other for acrylic, mixed media. In between are tables for varnishing, framing, packaging and tagging. It all gets done in a space of 30 square feet. No committees to help make decisions, only 2 cats, one of whom is always asleep on her “thinking it over chair”. Do I dare move them? Any cat owner would know the answer, only at risk of being swatted and clawed. In this space, time doesn’t exist and one and one is never two, sunlight streams in and shadows dance and talk and imagination rules. It’s a place where she gets inside the world of the painting and no matter what she does it never gets upset at her. She may get cross or shouts at it, but it never shouts back. This creative space continually teaches her that the more she gets out of her own way, the more comes through, revealing her inner rhythms and process of shape making. This is her place to make art.

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