Traded Moments

Traded MomentsTraded Moments was formed in 2014 as an acoustic duo by songwriter Trey Mollo and bassist Christian Benoit. After a quick stint of local shows, the duo knew they were onto something of worth that could promise the rise of a new style of Southern Rock and Roll. After weeks of auditions, the duo hired local composer and guitarist Daniel Perbes, to fulfill the writing/arranging duties on Electric Guitar. In the heat of the fire that had been lit, Traded Moments long time manager, Sean Doria; credited also as a professional drummer, was recruited to add the thunder needed for Traded Moments’ message. After a fire-blazed trail was set by the hard hitting 4 piece, drummer Sean Doria decided to step down for his own pursuits of careers and family. The torch was then passed to Ronnie Vaughn from the local band Fuzzy Islanders to carry on the role and lay the foundation for future Traded Moments material. Now, as a roaring 4-piece outfit once again, Traded Moments has come to fruition as a group set out to represent the power that anyone can possess as long as they focus on the moment. Together they are a heartfelt group of friends from Southern Louisiana, bringing you a refined edge and homegrown love and passion.

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