Studio 220 Photography

Studio 220 PhotographyTim and Sally trace their beginnings back to 2006… when their founders recognized an alarming trend in the wedding photography industry, as the internet and advances in technology enabled hundreds of untrained and inexperienced amateur photographers to flood the market, showing up at bridal shows, and charging rates typically reserved for only the most highly referred photographers in the industry. This influx of amateurs with little more than good websites and high prices created confusion for clients and made it difficult to identify which photographers were truly experienced professionals. This also made it nearly impossible for brides and grooms to find photography that met their needs and their budget from a real professional. These same issues were pervasive in the lifestyle portraits photography market as well. And so, in mid-2007, Studio 220 was born! Born with a purpose… to make high quality photography service available at an affordable price. Sadly, those issues have only become more pervasive today. And because of that, our mission and purpose remains the same today: Provide a high value service to our clients. Always deliver high quality service with some of the most talented photographers in the market, and keep pricing affordable. We’ve brought together the best parts of the “photography boutique” with the best parts of the “photography studio” with relentless focus on client satisfaction… and the result is a Boutique Studio Delivering Exceptional Experiences for our clients!

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