Steff Neff

Two words come to mind when describing Steff Neff; dark and sparkly. She creates a unique atmosphere by combining sugary pop melodies with much darker lyrics that bleed raw emotion. Taylor Swift’s former manager, and the founder of The Music Industry Blueprint, Rick Barker says “She had me from the very, very, beginning…I really dig her”. Tom Mckinney, former voice teacher of Beyonce and Demi Lovato, has said, “She has a wonderful voice, a really marvelous voice”.
Steff has a broad range of skills as both a classically trained musician and experienced lyricist. Julius Robinson, the director of creative operations at says “Steff is very well articulated. I can tell she’s a great writer” and Tom Jackson of onstage success states “I love her voice…I love what she’s doing.” Steff Neff was one of 23 accepted into the Belmont’s Songwriting program, out of thousands of applicants, in the United States in 2015.
Steff was also one of 20 applicants chosen internationally to participate in the “It All Starts with A Song” songwriting retreat hosted by the former VP of Warner Chappell Music Group, Judy Stakee in 2017. Judy says, “Between her strong vocals, pop melodies, and insightful lyrics, it’s hard to believe she is only 20!”

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