Smoking With The Bandit

Smoking With The BanditSmoking with the Bandit is a group of four long time friends creating engaging, refreshing, and innovative music in the indie rock scene. In early 2016, Colby Wilson, Garrett Payne, and Daryl McCarty were performing as an acoustic trio after a previous band had called it quits. They became a regular favorite around Southside Birmingham, and as their sound and arrangements outgrew an acoustic setting the trio began searching for a drummer to round out their evolving sound. After a long and challenging search, they found percussionist Collin Payne to join the group, providing the depth, rhythmic nuance, and dynamic groove that the trio was seeking. The addition of Collin’s drumming resulted in a captivating sonic experience, combining elements of folk, indie rock, jazz, and progressive music with personal, stirring lyrics and vocal performances that display an inspired perspective on four-piece rock instrumentation. When the quartet was formed, the four musicians began writing material for a new EP.
Driven only by their strong friendship and their shared love for making great music, the early sessions revealed an aesthetic character firmly rooted in rock and roll tradition that seamlessly incorporates modern elements from several musical styles. Collin’s drumming locked in with Daryl’s rocking bass lines, while Garrett’s shimmering melodies and scorching solos provided the perfect compliment to Colby’s powerful, moving vocals. With several songs complete and many more in the works, the group eagerly entered the studio to capture the invigorating energy of their creative process. The Waiting on Your Call EP started to take form when the band teamed up with sound engineer Russ Romine. The recording process presented many challenges; space was limited, the budget was tight, and trying to schedule recording sessions was nearly impossible. But the group pushed through, driven by their shared love for the sound they had had so much fun crafting together in practice and writing sessions. After finally recording the instrumental performances in Garrett’s Birmingham home, Colby and Russ dove into vocal sessions in the band members original hometown of Chelsea, Alabama. Russ’s vision of the Smoking with the Bandit sound paired perfectly with the tastes and inclinations of the band, and the resulting EP faithfully recreates the adventurous spirit of the band’s live performances. With the Waiting on Your Call EP set to release in January 2018, Smoking with the Bandit has begun booking shows for 2018 to bring their sound to life on stage.
Daryl McCarty
Also known as “D-Rail”, Daryl McCarty’s bass lines deliver mind bending low end groove that will get you moving. Video games and film motivate much of his compositional approach. He believes that music brings people closer together and is honored to be a part of that musical connection. His style is both modern and classic, drawing on sounds from rock, jazz, blues, and progressive music.
Collin Payne
Collin Payne’s infectious rhythms are inspired by his diverse musical background in marching percussion and garage projects as well as trumpet playing and electronic beat creation. Inspired by gaming and television storytelling, his style has been honed around rock guitar, creating a refreshingly melodic approach to the drum set that adds another voice to the sonic experience.
Colby Wilson
After learning his craft in church bands and jam sessions with friends, Colby’s vocal performances have become an incredibly moving and personal experience for his listeners. He is inspired by great singer-songwriters like John Mayer and Ray LaMontagne and blends his intimate lyrical style perfectly with the modern rock sound of Smoking with the Bandit. His compositions are influenced by his favorite films as well as his favorite musicians from past and present.
Garrett Payne
Evoking intoxicating melodies, captivating solos, and lush chord progressions, Garrett Payne’s electrifying guitar work brings out some of the best sounds in rock, metal, and progressive music. He loves the direct, visceral connection to the audience that only music can provide and strives to create a revitalized rock music experience for fans and listeners. He is an avid reader and draws inspiration from many fields of science and literature.

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