Sherry Cothran

Sherry CothranBrian McClaren calls Rev. Sherry Cothran a “rare combination…an artistic/spiritual trifecta, a first rate singer/songwriter, a dynamic performer and a trained theologian.” Leaving a career as an award winning recording artist for Mercury Records, NY to pursue a spiritual journey, Sherry Cothran, M.Div., ordained minister, combines songs and stories rooted in ancient traditions, theology, myth and her ongoing work as senior pastor/wounded healer to the marginalized populations in her urban community. She fuses her gifts of writing, teaching, preaching, singing, songwriting and workshop presentations as well as her empathic counseling to help others unpack and embrace their own transformative Soul restoring, “wounded healer” power. Sherry has been featured in USA Today,, led at Festival of Homiletics, was the Artist in Residence, 2015, at Louisville Presbyterian Seminary. Her sermons and blogs have been featured in Good Preacher, Abingdon Women, The Interpreter, Ministry Matters, Alive Now. Sherry has been the keynote speaker at nationwide conferences, retreats and workshops and is a regularly booked performer/speaker/workshop leader.

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