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RosewoodFronted by the dynamic trio of singer-songwriter guitarist Shaundra Cragun, vocalist Angela Cooney, and folk and bluegrass artist, Mike Iverson, Rosewood delivers the perfect combination of folk-tinged popular classic soft rock and current pop favorites, as well as poignant original songs that resonate with audiences. Some of the really good things in life just happen. Originally known to local followers as Carried Away, the band formed rather informally as the six members, all experienced musicians, “backed each other up” at gigs around the local area. By 2011, bass player Steve Porter, keyboardist Tony Spencer and sister-duo Shaundra Cragun and Angela Cooney found themselves hanging out regularly playing their favorite tunes and throwing new material in, just to see where “the guys” could go with it.
Through a stroke of luck, they soon combined forces with Mike Iverson, a well-known folk musician and claw hammer banjo/mandolin player who pushed the band to raise their sights and spread their music to broader audiences. Fueled by Mike’s new musical twist and fresh, introspective tunes from lead singer and songwriter Shaundra Cragun, the band’s style quickly became all their own.
It didn’t take long before a new sound was born, and a new moniker needed. Rather than the playful, see-where-it-goes feeling of Carried Away, they needed something that reflected the truth and essence of the music they created — an acoustic sound based on excellent songwriting and the synchrony of beautiful instruments and creative minds…..and Rosewood was born. Rosewood took off with new wingsRosewood in early 2016, their strength found in taking a song to its roots and infusing it with their own acoustic, folky pop style. Every time, it comes out on the other side a fresh new piece of music just begging to be heard by audiences The band recently celebrated the release their new CD – Willow Tree. The music speaks for itself. Rosewood’s newest album, “Willow Tree,” is an eclectic blend of folk, alternative, pop, classic rock and roots music featuring original songs by Rosewood along with covers from many different genres of music.

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